Our Impact

We here at PEP will always work hard to keep Carol's vision going strong. 
2017 was our most productive year yet. 
We beat our highest numbers which were from 2015.
We intend to keep this pace up through 2018.




Witches Night Out Was A Fun Success
We want to thank Nancy and Judy for inviting us to this year's Witches Night Out.  We had a blast and their generous donation of over $1400.00 will help us continue to spay and neuter feral community cats, especially in Owensville. 

Don't forget  to check out our calendar for dates we will be closed over the upcoming holiday season.

Thank You

We here at PEP want to say a special thank you to Carol House,
whose support has been ongoing and generous since before we opened our doors. 

2017 Grants Awarded This Year:

Awarded us $3,000.00 this year.

Awarded us $2,000.00 this year.

Awarded us $5,000.00 this year.