May 2019 Newsletter


Donna Stough

Office Manager and Co-Founder Donna Stough was born in Belleville, IL and graduated from Belleville Township High School West in 1981.  She enlisted in the United States Marine Corps fifteen days after high school graduation and after serving twenty four years, Donna retired a Master Sergeant.  She and her husband Johnny, retired Gunnery Sergeant, have been married thirty seven years and moved to Belle where her husband Johnny was born and raised.  Choosing career over family, Johnny and Donna have enjoyed the company of domestic animals.  The PEP spay/neuter clinic has been a very rewarding experience and a great challenge to gain the attention of people to spay and neuter.  Donna has several hobbies and interests including traveling.

In Memory of
Josephine "Jo" Stanley
     We are saddened to lose our neighbor and unofficial volunteer, Jo Stanley.  Jo lived across the street from PEP and was a watchful eye for our clinic.  Jo didn't hesitate to call us at home if we forgot to turn off a light or the outside porch light burned out.  Jo would periodically wander across the street to our clinic to see the pets waiting for surgery.  It made her smile to talk to the animals.  Her soft voice had a way of calming the nervous ones, a win/win for both Jo and our patients.

Indoor Rummage Sale/Swap Meets
     In the months of February and March we set up an indoor rummage sale in Bland that was open on selected weekends.  We managed to sell a lot of items and profited aprox. $2800.00. 
     In late March we set up in Bourbon, MO at the Half Crocked Antique Swap Meet.  We raised aprox. $700.00 and additionally, we promoted our spay/neuter clinic.
     Saturday June 8th we have a reserved a vendor spot in Belle, MO at the Belle City Park Swap Meet.  We have loads of things to sell and hope to get a great response. 

Rustic Lantern Trading Post
     Opening in Belle, middle of May, on Hwy 28 right past the Maces Grocery Store, is a new antique store.  PEP has purchased a vendor spot to sell some of it's antiques and collectibles.  Our contract is for 6 months so we plan to keep our booth going for a while to see how much we can raise for our cause and have some fun doing it.  If you get a chance, please stop by and check us out.

Did you know...
How Many Worms Can My Pet Get?
     Whip worm, hook worm, round worm, tape worm, and heart worm.  These are some of the most common, however there are more worms a pet can be infected with.  Whip, round, and hook worms come from mother's milk or contaminated ground.  Tape worms come from eating rodents or fleas.  Symptoms of an animal with severe worms could be diarrhea, vomiting, thin dull coat, or pale gums.  The best way to detect if your pet has worms i to take a stool sample to your vet.  Hook and whip worms are very small and hard to see, round worms resemble spaghetti, and tape worms are white, long glat worms with segments that break off in the stool.  Heart worms come from Mosquito bites.  Your dog must be tested for heartworm before a prescription preventative can be given.

Tip From Our Vet
Flea & Tick Season is here.
     We all know what fleas and ticks are, but the diseases they carry can be very sickly or even deadly.  When fleas bite your pet they cause a blood parasite that infect the red blood cells which leads to anemia.  fleas also cause tapeworms in pets, which attaches to the intestines and absorbs nutrients.  Ticks carry diseases such as Ehrlichia, Lyme Disease, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  If these diseases are caught early they can be cured with antibiotics.  Symptoms can include fever, being lethargic, and no appetite.  All this can be prevented with flea and tick preventative.  Some over the counter meds work, some don't.  You can get a pill or chewable presription form from your veterinarian that is proven to be the best preventative available.

Paying It Forward
     We have had a few customers "pay it forward" by prepaying for surgery for a cat or dog, for people who simply cannot afford the cost of our surgeries.  This often helps elderly and/or disabed people who live on a very limited fixed income.
Regular Donations
     We are blessed to have some people who regularly donated money to us yearly or monthly.  Some people think it's not worth donating money if they can't donate $50.00 or $100.00 at one time.  If you donate $5.00 a month, that's $60.00 a year, or $10.00 a month is $120.00 a year.  Even "small" montly donations can make a big impact.  PEP sincerely appreciates any amount donated, big or small, to help further our cause.

We Accept PayPal
Want to pay for your appointment with a credit or debit card?
     We can't accept credit or debit cards in the office but, if you would like to pay for our services with one, you are welcome to do so on PayPal.
     Prior to your appointment, call or email us to get a quote, then you can go to our website and pay the whole amount at once on with your card.
     We also gratefully accept donations through paypal either from this website or from our Facebook Page.